How to cool your house without electricity!!!!

    Cool Home By Less Power

  • Your inability to cool the entirehouse?

    If you do not have a comfortable environment at home in summer or winter?

    If you suffer from national power outages?

    If you can't keep your AC units running all the time?

    And a more uncomfortable environment at home?



    I've been there

    Even if you have the largest cooling devices, you will not be able to cool your house!!!

    The beginning of my journey to this business was its beginning more than two years ago, due to the continuous suffering from power outages, the high temperature of the internal atmosphere of our homes, and the lack of a comfortable atmosphere inside our homes, especially in the long and exhausting summer season for our health and our psychological state, with the high prices of electricity supply and the inability to use cooling devices due to the outage. For these reasons, I started my journey in search of a radical and feasible solution and also an energy-saving solution in order to use air conditioners in smaller numbers and sizes to cool our homes and save on electricity bills. Technology in most countries of the world if it can be applied in Iraq, and for this I found that the use of integrated insulation systems through the use of the principles of the German Institute for energy-saving home solutions is one of the best solutions in application and cost and to ensure obtaining results guaranteed by the German Institute when using insulating materials according to the designs applied by them That is why I presented this offer to everyone who has a problem with air conditioning the house or building, which offers you an integrated solution in all aspects, starting with calculating your actual need for the size of the air conditioner, reducing your dependence on air conditioners or canceling them, and obtaining a comfortable internal atmosphere during all seasons of the year with sound insulation from outside noise and protection From fires to providing the appropriate solution to the design of your home and your financial capabilities, while ensuring that you get the guaranteed results from the offer.

    Want to change the summer atmosphere in your home to a spring atmosphere? Contact us by phone or through social networking sites.




    step 1

    Study & Calculate Requirements - we assess your home's needs and energy demands to tailor the perfect insulation solution.


    step 2

    Negotiate Best Materials & Prices - Engage with the customer, exploring top-notch materials and pricing options that suit your budget and preferences.


    step 3

    Implementation Planning - Determine timelines and execute the seamless application of the chosen solution, ensuring utmost comfort and energy efficiency.

  • What you get when you order now?


    Free design and heat load calculations of your house to have the first improvement of the solution.

    Supplying materials and labour to start the implementation of the solution.

    Daily follow up with you to get the results we promise.


    Lifetime guarantee of the solution.

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